2013 Staging Statistics for Rocky Mountain Home Staging

In 2013 Rocky Mountain Home Staging had the privilege of assisting hundreds of sellers representing over $73 Million Dollars in residential real estate almost exclusively in Boulder County, Colorado.

  • Our average days to offer for new to the market listings was 3.7 days. Many sold for over ask in a matter of hours.

    water your money tree by staging you home

    Our sellers received a big ROI (over 1000% RETURN) from staging their home with Rocky Mountain Home Staging

  • We staged everything from a $125,000 condo in Lafayette to a $3.2M custom home near Chautauqua in Boulder.
  • On average our sellers beat the market by 3-4%, meaning that if the market was doing 98% sales price to list price, our sellers were doing 101-102%. Our sellers did even better though because that 98% market number doesn’t account for ANY price reductions and our numbers do.
  • 55% of our sellers received multiple offers in 2013.

As home stagers we often work on some of the most challenging properties in town, but remember staging can increase the perceived value of EVERY house by visually merchandising and positioning your property. If you or someone you know is selling in 2014, it would be our privilege to help you sell faster and for more money. Call us today at 720-295-0720 for a free estimate.



Selling While Other Homes Sit in Niwot

When the seller of this property first called me, he was unsure about the benefits of staging. But he knew that there were 5 houses for sale on his street and that most of them had been on the market for quite some time. He was concerned that a home staging consultation would basically just tell him what he already knew – like that they needed to do some packing and de-cluttering.

During our consultation he was happy to discover that we covered way more than that – right down to how to arrange the furniture, how to style each room to appeal to their likely buyer and how to make selections for high Return on Investment updates in the home. After a month of doing their post-consult “homework” we were approaching their target listing date and they opted to rent a few pieces of furniture, art and accessories to add a little magic. Before and After Crestivew LR Continue reading

$10k Over Ask in 10 Hours in Louisville, CO

The Louisville housing market has been brisk this spring but serious sellers are still taking the time to prepare their homes to get the highest possible price. Turnberry FrontRocky Mountain Home Staging had the opportunity to help this homeowner prepare to sell. Here is what the seller had to say about the experience.

“Rocky Mountain Staging did such a great job in prepping my house for sale, that I didn’t want to move.  Their service came in two key elements.  First, there was the consultation where the stager identified a lot of what I could do myself to get the house ready.  She even referred me to affordable contractors.  I was able to make dramatic, cost effective changes before she did the final staging.  The final staging was a knock out and I am sure contributed to my getting an offer for over my asking price within 10 hours of listing in MLS.  Continue reading

Boulder Townhome Sold for Over Ask

Rocky Mountain Home Staging recently had the opportunity to help Debra Hensen Real Estate showcase this lovely Dakota Ridge townhome. The place was in great condition and just needed a bit of “staging magic” to really help it come alive.

This property received multiple offers in a matter of days and sold for more than asking price. In fact, in April the average sales price to list price ratio in Boulder County was 99% meaning that the average home sold for 99% of asking price. This property sold for 102% meaning that the sellers made 3% more ($12,750 in this instance) and enjoyed a 1903% return on their small ($599) investment in staging. Plus they sold ten times faster. 4 days to offer versus 41 days in April. Take a look at the photos. Continue reading

Selling in A Hot Market

By now most people know that the market in Boulder County and throughout most of Colorado is pretty hot. In fact, it’s a great time to be a seller and a slightly less great time to be a buyer.

In a market like this, your house will likely sell. It may sell fast too. You might think that means that you don’t need staging. And it’s true. You don’t need staging as long as you don’t care about getting the highest possible price for your home. If you do care, well then staging is just as critical now as it has always been.

Stevens 5 FR Above Before

Family Room Before Staging

Stevens 6 FR Above After

Family Room After Staging

See, staged houses always sell for more money than similar unstaged homes. They look better, feel better, attract more buyers and are the house that everyone wants. This is great for you as the seller. Preparing to sell your home is somewhat like dating. If you had just finished a long days work and you had the opportunity to head out to a spot crawling with hot desperate single girls? Would you hurry up and head straight over after work or would you spend a little time preparing? Maybe take a shower, pick out a nice outfit, fix your hair, brush your teeth, make sure you are wearing good shoes? Wouldn’t it be more fun to show up and be in demand and have your pick? Continue reading

Cleaning, Decluttering & Packing is Not Staging

I’m going to go on a little rant here so please forgive me in advance. I am beyond frustrated by boiler plate tips on preparing your home to sell. They talk about repairs, cleaning, decluttering, organizing – and many of them call it “staging”. Seriously, I could hurl my laptop right out the window it makes me so mad.

There’s no doubt that cleaning and decluttering are important when selling a home but these activities are not staging. They are important “pre-staging” steps. Please allow me to illustrate with photos. Continue reading

Anatomy of a Staging Consultation

Selling a home can be overwhelming and the preparation is often a LOT of work. If you are interested in making as much money as you can on the sale without investing tons of time or tons of money. Consider our home staging consultation. You get prioritized action steps that are specific to YOUR home, YOUR budget, YOUR goals, YOUR price point and YOUR competition. Here is what you can expect:

Prior to getting to your home we research your competition because we want to see exactly what buyers are seeing at that moment. What you need to do to prepare your home to sell has EVERYTHING to do with what you are up against.

We spend 2 hours with you in your home. We talk about Continue reading

The High Price of “Trying it Out”

Lately, I’ve had a couple of sellers tell me that their real estate agent recommended they just “try it out for a few months without staging and see what happens”. Now these were home sellers who were proactive enough to contact me on their own to find out about home staging and wanted my recommendations for their home. Most times, though, it is the seller who wants to “try it out” despite the recommendations of the agent.

Here is what I know: Continue reading

From Foreclosure to Artist Retreat

This lovely home in Longmont, like so many in the last few years, had fallen into foreclosure. A couple of Boulder area real estate investors had purchased the home and were looking for insight on how to showcase the property to receive the highest possible selling price in the shortest amount of time for the smallest investment.MartiTwilightExterior

As is sometimes common in these properties the home had been stripped of all light fixtures, toilets, sinks, faucets, towel bars and all appliances. In addition the home boasted retina searing paint colors and bright bathroom tile. Lucky for us, the sellers called us in to help prep the property for sale.

After staging and prep work the house received multiple offers the first weekend and sold for 103% of the list price. The average Sales to List price was 98% in Longmont, Colorado for that period with 34% of the listed properties taking at least one price reduction – meaning the 98% number is high because the calculation is only based on the percentage of final list price and does not account for any price reductions. Average Days to Contract for other homes was over 60. Check out the photos and an overview of the transformation: Continue reading