What Home Staging Isn’t…

We’ve talked before about what home staging is – properly preparing your house to meet your home selling goals. Home staging makes your home appealing to your target buyer and packages your product a step above your competition to bring in the offers.

But let’s talk for a moment about what home staging isn’t. For your consideration, my top ten:

  1. Home staging is not decorating – home staging is about packaging your home for the target buyer.
  2. Home staging is not plastic food on the counter, wine glasses next to the bathtub or cookies in the oven– these old staging tricks are tired and ineffective.
  3. Home staging is never about hiding or covering up flaws – home staging is about addressing or minimizing flaws.
  4. Home staging is not house fluffing – home staging is a serious business strategy.
  5. Home staging is not misleading – home staging helps buyers to imagine themselves in a space
  6. Home staging is not about what you the seller like or your taste and preferences – remember it’s not your house anymore. Home stagers evaluate your target buyer and your competition to prepare your home for the market.
  7. Home staging is not just for ugly houses – all houses can benefit no matter how great the sellers taste is because how you sell and how you live are entirely different. Most people don’t decorate with design or buying psychology in mind, nor do they think about product positioning which is what a good home stager does.
  8. Home staging is not just for vacant houses – vacant homes obviously benefit from staging because it takes longer to sell an empty home however occupied homes often have an even more dramatic transformation because many sellers inadvertently sabotage the sale of their home.
  9. Home staging is not just for high-end homes – every house for sale with a seller who wants to sell quickly and for the greatest amount of money can benefit from home staging. Many high-end homes already have many beautiful qualities that are apparent to buyers whereas inexpensive homes may not. All houses can appear larger and more appealing with proper staging.
  10. Home staging is not expensive– especially when you consider the cost of price adjustments or sitting on the market.
Good home staging can help you sell your home faster and for more money. It creates an emotional response in the right buyer that yields offers. Besides price, it is the most important step that homeowners can take when selling their house.


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