From Foreclosure to Artist Retreat

This lovely home in Longmont, like so many in the last few years, had fallen into foreclosure. A couple of Boulder area real estate investors had purchased the home and were looking for insight on how to showcase the property to receive the highest possible selling price in the shortest amount of time for the smallest investment.MartiTwilightExterior

As is sometimes common in these properties the home had been stripped of all light fixtures, toilets, sinks, faucets, towel bars and all appliances. In addition the home boasted retina searing paint colors and bright bathroom tile. Lucky for us, the sellers called us in to help prep the property for sale.

After staging and prep work the house received multiple offers the first weekend and sold for 103% of the list price. The average Sales to List price was 98% in Longmont, Colorado for that period with 34% of the listed properties taking at least one price reduction – meaning the 98% number is high because the calculation is only based on the percentage of final list price and does not account for any price reductions. Average Days to Contract for other homes was over 60. Check out the photos and an overview of the transformation:

Modern Great Room BeforeThe main room featured a burnt orange steel staircase, wildly colored slate tile, a dark orange painted fireplace and a large cavernous space where furniture placement was not obvious.

While we painted several of the walls in this home, painting the staircase was not an option, nor was replacing the tile. We decided to work with the colors and use them to create warmth, continuity and flow.Modern Great Room After

The dining room and kitchen area featured a bright color that would send buyers running. Yes, we realize it is only paint but that attitude when selling costs you thousands.FromDiningMartiBefore

We selected a more neutral paint color that picked up a color in the slate fireplace tile and looked great with both the burnt orange on the fireplace and the cabinets and countertop in the kitchen. MartiFromDiningAfter We also selected a contemporary dining room chandelier and pendants over the island.

Upstairs the wild slate tile continued in a large loft area and down the hallway. When vacant this tile featuring colors of pink, orange, green, rust, cream, brown, black  and yellow was absolutely overwhelming.

Wild Slate Dominates Before

Staging this space as s a sunny home office with cozy seating area around the fireplace highlighted what to do with this wonderful space. A huge neutral area rug helped quiet the loud tile allowing buyers to notice the lovely views, huge windows, soaring ceilings and attached deck rather than focusing on the floors.Sunny Office Lounge After

In the master bedroom, the accent wall color was far from restful and missing sconces were an eyesore. And yes, while it is just paint, it prevented the buyers from appreciating all the wonderful features of this large master bedroom.Retina Burning Master Before

We chose a neutral wall color and streamlined sconces that would soothe and coordinate with a variety of styles. Luxurious bedding, art and accessories created the feeling of an escape. Master suites are very important to buyers and fit into the aspirational lifestyle motivators that drive home purchase decisions.Peaceful Oasis After

3 of the bedrooms had en-suite bathrooms which is a huge plus. Unfortunately three of the bathrooms (all except the master bathroom and the powder room) featured eye-popping bright tile both as a wide vertical band inside the shower and on the countertops. Each bathroom was either bright yellow, dark green and bright orange.Green Bath Before

Staging toned it down and showed buyers how it could be made more attractive with just a little bit of art and accessories. Generally the best way to work these bold colors into a successful staging is to integrate them into the design by using a small amount of the color in art and accessories and working in other more neutral colors.Green Bath After

Overall, this was a gorgeous home that was a pleasure to stage. If you would like to maximize the selling price of your property call Rocky Mountain Home Staging at 720-295-0720.

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