Curb Appeal

If your house doesn’t look fantastic from the curb, you may never get buyers in the door.

Buyers make hundreds of instantaneous judgments about your home from the moment they lay eyes on it. They decide if your house is well maintained, if it is appealing, and if it is somewhere they might want to live before their front tire touches your driveway.

It can be hard to be objective about our own homes. Over time we don’t even notice the recycling bins out front, or the kids toys, or the neglected flowerbeds or the peeling trim. Most of us are so busy going to work and going about our lives that we are relieved when the garage door goes up at the end of the day. Buyers notice every little detail though. Enhancing the curb appeal can be one of the most lucrative steps you take when selling your home.

Curb appeal can involve painting the exterior, planting some herbs or flowers in front of the house, polishing the doors and windows or even putting a nice doormat in front of the door. We use a 37 point system to take your curb appeal from “ho hum” to “honey, stop the car NOW!” One of our professional certified home stagers will review every exterior area of your house beginning  from the first glimpse across the street. We review landscaping, paint, fixtures, windows and special feature areas such as decks, patios, pergolas and more as well as the general appeal to make sure that your home looks its best and charms buyers from their very first peek.

All recommendations are given with an eye to your bottom line and are tailored to your specific home, price range and neighborhood. We can implement our recommendations too if you like.  We partner with painters, contractors, landscapers, arborists and other yard and garden experts as needed.

Cute All-American House

Does the exterior of your house say Welcome?

Remember curb appeal, your on-line photos and price are the three biggest determining factors for how many showings you have.  If you are priced right for your location, neighborhood, size and condition AND if it looks good from the outside and in photos; you will have buyers coming through your door. If you don’t, then your price and/or your curb appeal likely need to be addressed.

Benefit from fantastic curb appeal today. Call Rocky Mountain Home Staging at 720-295-0720.

Because, “if the curb appeal isn’t rocking they won’t come a knocking!”