Cleaning, Decluttering & Packing is Not Staging

I’m going to go on a little rant here so please forgive me in advance. I am beyond frustrated by boiler plate tips on preparing your home to sell. They talk about repairs, cleaning, decluttering, organizing – and many of them call it “staging”. Seriously, I could hurl my laptop right out the window it makes me so mad.

There’s no doubt that cleaning and decluttering are important when selling a home but these activities are not staging. They are important “pre-staging” steps. Please allow me to illustrate with photos.

10th 1 LR Before

Clean is not staging

10th 2 LR After

This is where the magic happens

As you can see, in the first picture this home has been cleaned and de-cluttered (except for the Wii under the coffee table) but it’s not all that captivating. Adding just a few pieces of art and accessories takes this property from “Meh” to “Wow!” This is staging. The cleaning, de-cluttering and packing was the pre-staging. For more illustrations please visit our portfolio. Or, if you would like a little of that “staging magic” to entice your buyers and get more money when you sell – call us today 720-295-0720.

And P.S. This home received 4 offers in a single day.

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