Home Staging Options

Get your house show ready today! Rocky Mountain Home Staging provides a complete menu of house staging options based on your needs and budget. These often follow our comprehensive selling consult but it’s not required. Here are our most popular solutions:

Hands-on Staging

Show up and stage. This is ideal for home sellers who already know that they need staging help. We come for either a half day or a full day and stage your home. We use your existing furniture and accessories. You and any helpers you have help us move furniture, pack items and set the scene for selling. This service works best if your home is already cleaned and decluttered. When we leave you will receive a list of additional things that you still need to do, for example we may suggest that you paint a wall, touch up the trim, borrow some furniture, buy a few towels, or rent accessories.

2-Part Staging

We come for a brief consult to talk to you, see your house and take photos and then we create a plan of what needs to be done. You will likely be given some homework as far as packing, de-cluttering, moving furniture or a shopping list before we return for the final staging. The second part is typically a 4-5 hour staging day. You can either be there or we can work with a staging assistant while you are at work or out.

Full Stage

The Rocky Mountain Home Staging design team fully stages your property and it is 100% hands off for you. We start with an initial consultation form and you send us a few photos, then we visit your property. We find out your goal, exit strategy, time frame, budget and needs. We also review neighborhood listings and comps to see how they look – this is different from what your agent does for you. We are reviewing them for appearance only so that we can help your property outshine your competition. From this information we determine the very best strategy for staging your property to sell it in the least amount of time for the greatest amount of money.

A full stage can include everything from color analysis, curb appeal, rehab consultation, furniture and accessory rental and marketing. We can use only your furniture and accessories, all rental furniture and accessories or a combination of both. Many times our clients select this service after a consult when they just don’t have time to complete the items on the list but see the benefit of preparing the home for sale.  Other home sellers know they want the home to be staged and prepared but don’t have the time or desire to handle it. This service is completely turn-key for you. We visit the property, work up a proposal, manage the project and create a show ready house. We can coordinate cleaners, painters, landscapers, furniture rental and contractors depending upon your specific needs.

You can expect extraordinary results form a full staging, a truly hands off experience for you. Generally because of our unique and simplistic strategy in staging to sell vs. just staging to decorate, our team of experts are able to complete your property in one day. Even on more extensive projects, your property will be complete and on the market in a matter of days.

We can even schedule property maintenance for you as part of our full staging service, so you can leave all the work to us and sit back and enjoy a fast sale. Because each property is individual, we are happy to be able to quote prices as such.

Bang for the Buck

Sometimes you just can’t afford a full staging and but you still need to feature a few of your rooms. Bang for the buck includes a staging of three rooms in your home usually the kitchen, the bathrooms and either the living room or the master bedroom plus recommendations for other rooms and areas as needed. We come and we stage a few key rooms in your occupied or vacant home. Prices vary depending upon the size of your house, the style and if we use your furniture and accessories or rent them.

Open House Staging

An open house can be an excellent time to showcase your home and really make it shine. And, once you are ready for the open house, you are ready for showings. There are several ways that Rocky Mountain Home Staging can help you with your open house.  Some buyers want us to show up for the first time right before the showing and help with last-minute tweaks. Usually, though, it is best if we can visit your home a week or two before so that you can have an action blueprint leading up to the open house. We then perform last-minute tweaking the day before or the morning prior to your scheduled open house. Open house stagings can also include furniture and accessory rental.

Photo Shoot Staging

Over 90% of buyers start their search on-line, so it is critical that your listing have lots of great looking photos. Cameras capture the space differently than the human eye does and it can be less forgiving. Small items look like clutter so rooms look better in photos when they are on the sparse side. We can help you prepare your home for photos whether you are using a professional photographer or you or your agent are taking the pictures. We can then re-stage your home post photo shoot for the showings if necessary.

Vacant Staging

Vacant homes take longer to sell. Buyers just can’t picture how furniture fits and how rooms might be used. Only 10% of buyers can imagine a home looking any different from it does now. They typically underestimate the size of the master bedroom unless it is enormous and struggle with visualizing how they might use open concept areas. Empty houses seem much smaller and often feel cold and hollow. Any flaws no matter how minor stick out like a sore thumb in a vacant house because there is nothing else to look at. Even minimal staging makes vacant homes feel warm and inviting. It helps buyers mentally move in to the space which is a requirement if you want an offer. If you have a vacant property, furniture and accessories are used based upon your budget and specific needs. We can also make curb appeal and paint recommendations. Price varies depending upon furniture needs, house size, price range and number of rooms. You don’t have to have a full house of furniture to sell you vacant home. This is the only staging service that includes a free estimate.

Distressed Staging

Distressed properties can greatly benefit from home staging. Anything at all in the house can help detract from obvious flaws. We never hide problems but we help buyers to see the possibilities. Different items are used but the philosophy of creating high levels of buyer interest are the same.

Investor Property Staging

A more minimal approach to hands on staging to suit the unique needs of investment properties. This service is targeted toward vacant homes, distressed homes and homes with multiple exit strategies such as Rental, Lease Option and Fix and Flip.

Virtual eStage

Maybe you live in an isolated area and don’t have a professional home stager nearby. While we think that an in-person visit is best and will refer you to a stager in your area, sometimes we realize that it’s just not feasible. Our virtual stage clients receive recommendations based on our phone consults, our proprietary property form, emailed photos and a review of the competition..

Overwhelmed by the choices? Call us for a customized solution to sell your property at 720-295-0720 or email