We Don’t Need No Staging

Your taste is superb. Your home is decorated perfectly. You are proud of your design, the wall colors you have chosen and your cool accessories. There is no way that you need a home stager. After all, your place is kickin’.

Here’s the thing about selling though. Home staging has nothing to do with how good of a decorator you are. It doesn’t mean that your taste isn’t good or that you are bad at decorating. Home staging is about marketing your home to a specific target buyer. It’s about using principles of design and purchase psychology to get you a specific result; a financial result. It is about packaging your home to appeal to the people who will be laying down their hard-earned cash to buy it – odds are their taste is different from yours.

Staging can show you the money.
Staging can show you the money.

Selling your home is a business and you are now the VP of Marketing.

Sure your real estate agent will make sure you have photos, create a brochure, place your home on dozens of on-line portals and the MLS, hold open houses and otherwise manage the transaction. But he or she cannot control the product they have to sell. YOU control the major factors that affect the purchase: how your home looks and feels, how it is maintained and often, the price at which it will be offered.

Real estate statistics and studies underscore the importance of home staging if you want to sell for the very best price. The sale of your home may be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life – don’t leave money on the table – consult with a professional home stager. A comprehensive consult is a few hundred dollars and can yield thousands of dollars at closing, not to mention a faster, less stressful sale. Give yourself the best possible chance of reeling in a great offer (or better yet, multiple offers…) by packaging your home to appeal to buyers, not to you.


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