Anatomy of a Staging Consultation

Selling a home can be overwhelming and the preparation is often a LOT of work. If you are interested in making as much money as you can on the sale without investing tons of time or tons of money. Consider our home staging consultation. You get prioritized action steps that are specific to YOUR home, YOUR budget, YOUR goals, YOUR price point and YOUR competition. Here is what you can expect:

Prior to getting to your home we research your competition because we want to see exactly what buyers are seeing at that moment. What you need to do to prepare your home to sell has EVERYTHING to do with what you are up against.

We spend 2 hours with you in your home. We talk about your timing, budget and selling goals. We then tour each space of your home including the exterior and make suggestions on:

  • what to pack
  • what to clean
  • what to fix
  • what to add
  • what to remove
  • how to showcase for YOUR buyer
  • how to furnish each space
  • where and how to hang art
  • where and how to arrange furniture
  • what to put away OR put out for showings
  • tips for managing pets, kids and daily living challenges
  • how to handle any potential buyer turn-offs
  • improvements or updates that are worth the investment
  • improvements or updates that are NOT worth the investment
  • what to shop for
  • paint colors
  • fixtures
  • review samples (flooring, drapery, paint swatches, etc.)
  • whatever else you need help with

We provide a clipboard for you to take notes on, we take photos and answer any and all of your questions. This walk and talk service is only $150 for homes under 3,500 square feet.

Then, if you like, we can provide a written report with action steps for each room, your TOP Priorities in order, a few photos of your home and referrals if necessary to handymen, painters, flooring contractors, cleaners, packers, movers, whatever you need (you can often get our wholesale discount with these vendors). This report is generally delivered to you via email within 1 business day. If you want the written report the consultation is $250 total for homes under 3,500 square feet, $300 for larger homes.

We also provide an estimate if there is anything that you would like assistance with or if you are interested in renting a few pieces of furniture, art or accessories.

Rocky Mountain Home Staging specializes in home selling consultations. Our consultations are a small investment that can not only save you money but make you money. If you are interested in maximizing your home selling price by preparing to best the competition please call us today at 720-295-0720.


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