Selling in A Hot Market

By now most people know that the market in Boulder County and throughout most of Colorado is pretty hot. In fact, it’s a great time to be a seller and a slightly less great time to be a buyer.

In a market like this, your house will likely sell. It may sell fast too. You might think that means that you don’t need staging. And it’s true. You don’t need staging as long as you don’t care about getting the highest possible price for your home. If you do care, well then staging is just as critical now as it has always been.

Stevens 5 FR Above Before

Family Room Before Staging

Stevens 6 FR Above After

Family Room After Staging

See, staged houses always sell for more money than similar unstaged homes. They look better, feel better, attract more buyers and are the house that everyone wants. This is great for you as the seller. Preparing to sell your home is somewhat like dating. If you had just finished a long days work and you had the opportunity to head out to a spot crawling with hot desperate single girls? Would you hurry up and head straight over after work or would you spend a little time preparing? Maybe take a shower, pick out a nice outfit, fix your hair, brush your teeth, make sure you are wearing good shoes? Wouldn’t it be more fun to show up and be in demand and have your pick? Continue reading