Color Analysis

Need help choosing the perfect color for selling your home? Do you need to neutralize bright colors or do something with builders off-white? Want a color that is neutral but still has warmth? Wanting a color that perfectly complements the existing cabinetry, trim and flooring? Wondering what the current color trends are? At Rocky Mountain Home Staging we can help you select a great color palette for selling your home. Fresh paint is one of the least expensive and biggest-bang-for-buck selling investments  – but not if you choose the wrong colors. Paint often looks far different on the wall than it does on the chip, and can change with the light and surrounding colors.

Our certified color consultants will bring a variety of fan decks to look at as well as current knowledge on the latest trends and preferences. We can often sample the color on your wall right then or leave you with a large swatch to consider.

Don’t feel like you can only choose real estate beige either. The truth is that there is not a universal tan or beige or cream that will look great in every home. There are many neutral colors that are great for selling. It depends upon your home, your lighting, your other finishes, your carpeting and your décor.

Choosing the wrong color can cost you thousands of dollars. Maybe your home will lose hot buyers and sit on the market. Maybe you will have to pay to repaint. Don’t guess and hope for the best if you want to sell your home quickly.

For expert help choosing your paint colors for interior, exterior, trim or other finishes when it is time to sell your home, call Rocky Mountain Home Staging today at 720-295-0720 or contact us today!