We Don’t Need No Staging

Your taste is superb. Your home is decorated perfectly. You are proud of your design, the wall colors you have chosen and your cool accessories. There is no way that you need a home stager. After all, your place is kickin’.

Here’s the thing about selling though. Home staging has nothing to do with how good of a decorator you are. It doesn’t mean that your taste isn’t good or that you are bad at decorating. Home staging is about marketing your home to a specific target buyer. It’s about using principles of design and purchase psychology to get you a specific result; a financial result. It is about packaging your home to appeal to the people who will be laying down their hard-earned cash to buy it – odds are their taste is different from yours.

Staging can show you the money.
Staging can show you the money.

Selling your home is a business and you are now the VP of Marketing.

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What Home Staging Isn’t…

We’ve talked before about what home staging is – properly preparing your house to meet your home selling goals. Home staging makes your home appealing to your target buyer and packages your product a step above your competition to bring in the offers.

But let’s talk for a moment about what home staging isn’t. For your consideration, my top ten:

  1. Home staging is not decorating – home staging is about packaging your home for the target buyer.
  2. Home staging is not plastic food on the counter, wine glasses next to the bathtub or cookies in the oven– these old staging tricks are tired and ineffective.
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