Boulder Townhome Sold for Over Ask

Rocky Mountain Home Staging recently had the opportunity to help Debra Hensen Real Estate showcase this lovely Dakota Ridge townhome. The place was in great condition and just needed a bit of “staging magic” to really help it come alive.

This property received multiple offers in a matter of days and sold for more than asking price. In fact, in April the average sales price to list price ratio in Boulder County was 99% meaning that the average home sold for 99% of asking price. This property sold for 102% meaning that the sellers made 3% more ($12,750 in this instance) and enjoyed a 1903% return on their small ($599) investment in staging. Plus they sold ten times faster. 4 days to offer versus 41 days in April. Take a look at the photos.

Before Staging

Before Staging

10th 4 LR DR After10th 1 LR Before10th 2 LR After10th 7 Master Before10th 8 Master After

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