What We Do

In the same way that you dress and prepare for a job interview or a first date – staging prepares your home for those critical first 10 seconds with buyers.

Buyers decide in the first few seconds whether your home is a contender for them or not. Staging your house provides your best chance of a sale within 30 days for full market value. The truth is, when your home hits the market it will receive a flood of showings right away. One of these first 5 or 6 showings should be your buyer IF your house is priced right, staged to sell and marketed effectively. When you get an offer from one or more of these first showings, you know you are doing it right. Home staging prepares your home to get offers and sell quickly. Home staging includes three steps: consultation (complete action plan of what needs to be done); the doing of the work (someone has to do it – home seller, contractors or the stager team); and showcasing or staging – placing furniture, hanging art, arranging accessories, lighting, and other details. At Rocky Mountain Home Staging we can handle all or a portion of this three step process for you. You can also count on our:

Marketing Expertise

It might surprise you to learn that at Rocky Mountain Home Staging we don’t consider ourselves to be a decorating, design, organizing or furniture rental company.  Our primary function is marketing – and everything we do revolves around getting your property sold as quickly as possible. Make no mistake, selling your home today is a merchandising competition. Appearance is critical – both in person, and in on-line photos. We work with you and your agent to ensure that you look better than your competition and are packaged enticingly for just the right buyer.

We’re intimately familiar with buyer behavior, and we’ll apply what we know to your space.  People buy a home because of how it makes them feel. They are aspiring to a new and better lifestyle. We use subtle but effective ways to make a space feel larger, appear more comfortable, and seem more useful. And most importantly we help buyers to fall in love with your home. It is this emotional connection that really gets you the offers.

Targeted Staging

At Rocky Mountain Home Staging we work with your budget and timeline to create an action plan for your specific property. We can handle everything or we can give you a DIY list and you can handle it yourself. We are part of the new breed of home stagers who base our recommendations on design psychology and results. We aren’t house “fluffers”. There is nothing fluffy about what we do. We apply proven business, marketing and psychological principles to the transaction of your house. We won’t be putting in blow up beds or wine glasses next to the bathtub.  Seriously, that stuff probably won’t help you sell your house and buyers know all those old staging tricks. The home should feel good to them, not contrived. It should be memorable and grab them emotionally, it should convey a lifestyle without looking “staged”. And the staging should draw attention to the key selling features in the home rather than detract from them with random accessorizing and too many small pieces of art.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money or buy all new furniture or have a granite kitchen to sell your house. People sell houses without these things all the time. At Rocky Mountain Home Staging, our goal is to help you make your house as attractive as possible for the least amount of money. Sometimes we will recommend upgrades that we think would give you a great return and sell your house faster and for more money. There are many things that make sense to do if you can. For example, it is almost always better to replace the flooring with something neutral and not give an allowance. You will come out ahead 95% of the time. Sometimes though, you just can’t afford to. We get that. We can minimize things like ugly flooring or dated appliances or that pink sink in the bathroom. Would it be best if you could replace or reface it? Most likely. We can work with it though. It is surprising what creative solutions, elbow grease and good house staging can overcome.


There are lots of reasons why a home hasn’t sold or won’t sell. It could be as simple as eradicating an unpleasant smell or changing out a paint color or two and modifying the furniture arrangement. We look at the things that the seller can control – condition and staging. You control most of the purchase decision factors for buyers. Believe it or not – your house is staged now. You may not be showcasing a well thought out plan but if it’s on the market it is being presented to buyers. And buyers are gathering an impression of your home based on your furnishings, the color of the walls, the condition and the general feel of the house.

We aren’t inspectors and we won’t go down in your crawl space with a flashlight but we will look at the condition of your house exactly as a buyer does. We will notice the missing trim, or the hole in the drywall just as buyers do.  We focus on the selling points of your home. Every house has them. And we create a plan to maximize and draw attention to the positives while minimizing or eliminating the negatives. We won’t hide the negatives because that is dishonest (and a bad idea when selling) but most negatives can be minimized. We will tell you the truth – always – as kindly as possible. We will be gracious. We will be courteous.


No matter what you think needs to be done, we always look at the entire house, the neighborhood, the yard, the curb appeal, how your competition looks and every factor that can affect the sale of your home. You don’t need to hire us to stage it but if we do a consultation for you we need to see it all. Just like the buyer will. Every house is different. Every house needs to be staged a bit differently. There isn’t a blanket formula that works for every property. Your target market, competition and unique selling proposition need to be considered.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a custom service based upon your specific needs.  We work with large or small budgets. We work with do it yourselfers and with people who are completely hands off. We can give immediate help or address future needs.

We know that there isn’t only one way to do things. We understand that sometimes our recommendations won’t work for you. We will work up alternate solutions that fit into your lifestyle and budget.


Rocky Mountain Home Staging is committed to fabulous service and the highest principles of business integrity. We are licensed and insured. We are committed and motivated by your results.   All of the photos on this website are our own photos and show our own work. We hope that you love doing business with us so much that you tell all of your friends.

Rocky Mountain Home Staging works primarily in the Colorado towns of Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Niwot, Lyons, Nederland and Longmont. We occasionally come to other nearby towns but usually we will give you a referral to an amazing stager in your area. We work with homeowners, real estate agents and investors.

If you are ready to get started, contact us today at 720-295-0720 or review our services in greater detail. At Rocky Mountain Home Staging, we make selling your house easier!